Books are absolutely wonderful because they can transport us to wonderful new worlds. But it can still be hard to have the perfect book themed wedding. How do we bring something to life that does not quite exist?

Lena and Charles had the right answer. They put their heads together to have the perfect Harry Potter Themed wedding with us! Here’s a look at how they took us to Hogwarts for their enchanted day.

The Banquet Hall

Looking through the pictures of their wedding, it becomes clear that they were dedicated to a very specific vision. While they wanted to bring JK Rowling’s world to life, they also wanted a wedding that was entirely their own.

The banquet hall they used was a perfect example. It’s filled with rustic and magical charm. But beneath it, there is something welcoming and real. Not only does it fulfill what we would expect from a Harry Potter themed wedding: it also fulfills the real and material charms that we want from any wedding.

A close examination will reveal some subtle touches to enhance the theme. Hogwarts placeholders were a perfect example of this. In fact, we felt so immersed in the banquet hall that we were lucky there wasn’t a troll in the dungeon.

The Forbidden Forest

Every outdoor wedding is enchanted. But the slow encroachment of the trees at this wedding created an absolutely beautiful atmosphere for a Harry Potter-themed wedding.

When we went to Lena and Charles’ wedding, we really felt like we were in the forbidden forest. That made it incredibly easy for us to really feel the magic all around us.

This wasn’t the only way ideas of nature were used in the wedding. If you look at photographs, you can also see owl cages at the entrance of the wedding. Add other special features like a Platform 9 and three-quarters sign, and this wedding really was a magical journey.

Dumbledore Officiates Their Book Themed Wedding

Having a “Dumbledore” figure officiate their book themed wedding was just the icing on the cake for Lena and Charles’ special day. And while the costume was amusing, the vows were anything but.

A wedding is special because of the words you say. And at the moment when they recited their vows, the Harry Potter theme was not a distraction. Having the aesthetic of something they love at their wedding actually enhanced the love felt at their wedding. It was absolutely wonderful.

Have Your Wedding with Us

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Whether it’s a book themed wedding or a destination affair, we can make your wedding the perfect event. So contact us to plan your special day.

Event Planning, Styling & Design: Manna Sun Events || Photographers: Candi Q. Jiang Photography & Duoguang || Videographer: Stefan Lee’s Team || Wedding Venue: The Faculty Club at UC Berkeley || Floral: Nicole Ha Designs || Makeup: Design Her Image || Cake: Studio Cake || Rentals: Pieces by Violet & Hensley Event Resources & Stuart Event Rentals || Linen: La Tavola Fine Linen || DJ: All Ears DJ || Lighting: Impact Lighting || Officiant: Shows to You

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